Ki, the "hidden" kitchen

Design & Stil

A completely white storage unit and a wooden shelf of essential purity...

"We called it KI, which means bowl or container in Japanese, but also wood. So the KI concept describes both the white storage unit and the wooden shelves: in a single word."
A completely white storage unit, a unique item with a strong connotation, that can be repeated ad infinitum, and a wooden shelf of essential purity (KI, in fact, means both a container and wood in Japanese) produce new ways of inhabiting living spaces, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. Oki Sato - at the head of the Japanese studio Nendo - with these words describes the new simple, elegant and balanced project that expresses total freedom of composition and fulfils the desire to inhabit the kitchen environment with minimalist and highly contemporary taste.
Maximum uniformity in terms of colour and composition, design, quality of materials and attention to detail for interesting aesthetic solutions, ideal for compositions visible to the living room.
New interesting distinguishing features have been studied for the brand new Ki kitchen give force to its minimalist and highly contemporary flavour:
> an exclusive range of decorative melamines has been selected, soft to the touch and including two wood-effect shades (Hono Elm and Kuuki Elm)
> two  profiles for the worktops: 45° slanted profile (KI 4.5) to emphasise the clean and rational lines of the composition and squared (KI 9.0)
> stainless steel full-height handle
> side panel with recessed grip profile

The storage units play a decisive role in the kitchen: resting on the shelves as an alternative to the classic wall units, they lend unmistakeable style and contribute to a tidy kitchen, providing a truly unexpected personal flavour.

A brand-new, important personalisation element is the tap set (satin finish stainless steel) and sink to match, made of Cristalplant, which reproduces the expressive code of the storage units, in line with the style of the KI kitchen.

Natural balance of form and material.
A new design with soft lines for the Mizu table-height top, in Kuuki Elm decorative.

The Cristalplant body of the hob, in an exclusive design, is a compact monobloc with a welcoming form, simply resting on the Hono Elm laminate top. In perfect harmony with the sink.

The same minimalist, clean and natural design for the Ki island hood that evokes the white storage units. You can also match the hood that disappears, built into the ceiling.

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