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Ki: a new kitchen and bathroom concept

The KI collection combines the prestigious Italian craftsmanship of Scavolini and the distinctive approach of Nendo, the Japanese studio headed by Oki Sato, which interprets design as surprise, experimentation and refined details.

The underlying concept revolves around the idea of a container (KI is the Japanese word for 'container'), a unique object with a distinct connotation, embodying a communicative code, that can be replicated countless times. With this project, Scavolini envisions new ways of inhabiting space, with the pivotal element—the container—resting on linear-shaped shelves. What emerges is an actual storage system that dominates compositions designed for both kitchens and bathrooms.
The collection reveals a rigorous interpretation of minimalistic and extremely contemporary taste, and embodies exclusive values, creative thinking, innovative challenges, on-going research, genuine Italian quality and finely-worked details. 

"The idea was to make it hidden into different object to create more space in the kitchen...something that is different from the other kitchens and so I named it KI, beacuse it means bowl or container , also it has another name, it means wood..."