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"Open" the Living

Design & Stil

Countless opportunities for customisation for living-area solutions of the Open programme

The living-area solutions created for the Open provide a contemporary approach to the new concept in home design, with the kitchen and living-area the joint centre of the domestic scene.
The continuum between the kitchen and living area, achieved with elements designed to combine dining, leisure and entertaining (conventional base units for the kitchen with low cupboards that act as a partition, wall units and open compartments, livingroom cabinets of different sizes) make the Open project an attractive option for spaces of all sizes.

Wall-mounted architectural forms and glamorous details

for the living zone intended for socialisation and

Matching kitchen and living-area design

A fluid space, with partition walls removed to make the home one large space for socialisation and well-being.
Open kitchen and living area can offer varying interpretations of the informal, highly sociable lifestyle with elements that respond to the new demands in home design. The availability, for both, of very simple elements (including top and bottom-hinged flap door wall units), open units wall claddings and shelves, and custom units, with different finishes, allows the creation of customised, "coordinated" solutions tailored to the size of the room.

Customisation through colour for this composition for large living areas, created using wall and open units of varying sizes and bookshelves (picture on the left).
Wallmounted composition - in the picture on the right - is ideal for an entrance hall as well as a living area because it's complete with coat cupboards (equipped with a coat hanging system), shelves and open wall units.

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