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Pleasant surprises in store inside the Switch cupboard

A simple and elegant design for an essential yet functional look.

Organising space and keeping everything in order is by no means simple.

It’s only when we live and experience the kitchen environment daily that we realise we never have enough space available. The good old larder unit can help us out here: thanks to its levels and the possibility of inserting drawers and shelves in it, it has the potential to become a container for utensils, plates, accessories, books and appliances, big and small … keeping everything tucked neatly away from the prying eyes of your guests.

A new element with retractable doors, the Switch cupboard where you can install inside up to four appliances.
The cupboard conceals very well organised spaces and you can find inside a pleasant surprise, the additional pull-out worktop available in Old Natural laminate, Vintage Oak veneer or Satined steel.
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