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Wooden kitchens: natural hospitality


Sophisticated and timeless, modular wooden kitchens, available also in combination with other materials, create original and unprecedented offerings.

Wood, a natural and versatile material, has always played the starring role of interior décor. It is suitable for both classic homes and contemporary dwellings, thanks to a broad variety of finishes, wood finishes and chromatic customisations. Let’s discover together the kitchen models that endow the home with beauty and comfort.


New interpretations of wood

In this solution of the Mood kitchen the modern and elemental silhouettes that distinguish the project merge with a traditional material such as wood, reinterpreted in a hue that refers to grey, for a more topical interpretation. The Season Oak finish of the base units and tall units offer surprising combinations with the Porcelain Stoneware top of the table with Levity support in transparent glass, the Azimut concrete of the wall units and the Iron Grey decorative melamine of the bookcase. Mature, elegant yet sober and measured choices, for tasteful design without ostentation.


Modern wooden kitchen - Scavolini
Sophisticated harmonies

Perfectly harmonious colours for this Carattere proposal: a corner composition which can be clad with veneered finishes that adorn the model for a classic-contemporary style. The frame doors, which constitute the model’s signature feature, are in Ivory Ash, combined with the top and wall panel in Amazon quarz and Porcelain Cream matt lacquered shelves. A traditional composition structure that is contaminated by a more minimal feel.


Scavolini wooden kitchen
New classic

The warm hues of wood in the Baltimora kitchen for trendy sociability. This model in Absolute White Oak teams the charm of the past with an elegant contemporary concept. Sophisticated elements revolve around the island which is distinguished by an antique finish steel top on which the main operating stations are concentrated. Sinks, taps, latest-generation hob and traditional suspended hood dominate the scene to make us feel like stars in the kitchen too. 


Scavolini wooden kitchen - Scavolini
Warm textured notes

The vibrant notes of wood can also emerge through the individual elements that stand out for their sophistication and elegance. In this LiberaMente kitchen composition with Anthracite Fabric structure and Mink Lacquered doors, recessed grip profiles and plinths, the significantly thick (70 mm) Diagonal pull-out breakfast bench in Nabuk Oak veneered finish features a clever diagonal sliding mechanism: a warm textured note in this attractive project.


Wooden pull-out worktop for Scavolini kitchen
The warmth of wood

Elements for a kitchen oozing country chic flavours and fragrances are the island and the Nodato Oak wall units, whose textured appeal is enhanced in the linear Favilla composition when combined with the Dove Grey matt lacquered finish of the base units and the exclusive Anthracite coloured cooking and washing blocks that instead emphasise two important operating areas of the kitchen. Materials and colours to create simply elegant and functional venues, through sober and welcoming connotations, that are also perfect for a city home. 


Scavolini wooden kitchen units
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